In​.​Us​.​We​.​Trust (feat. Cassius G)

from by Nick Pratt

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In Us We Trust
Feat. Cassius G
(Prod. By Zaire)

[Verse: Nick Pratt]
Ridin round in this coupe
Ain’t lookin for trouble or nothin just bumpin to some of this music
Then I hear them whoop-whoops comin over my shoulder shit what am I doin
Shit I ain’t did nun, fool I ain’t did nun
But hell its always sumn
Young black wit my Afro, gold chain and my tattoos
Lookin like a young suspect but I suspected all that too
World act like I’m bad news, yeah maybe I’m is
Yeah maybe my clique too shit we all we got in the end
Tryna get what we came fo jus a lil bit but we'll take mo
Mayne they riotin off up in these streets for a equal piece we just cant cope
Marched for all kinda change tho, barely seen what we slaved fo
Built this whole country on our back but this country shole is ungrateful
Ain’t that tha truth, shit I’ll tell you the truth is they killin our youth
This record fuxk around and get too big they gon put a bullet in me too
That’s that shit that I’ll die fo' fo' my people potna I’ll struggle
Martyred down in my hustle, I believe in y’all yeah I love you
And hell naw no conspiracies and no government agencies fearin me
Is gon change tha way that I feel today if they in our way they tha enemy
Recently it’s made clear to me that our power structure is straight tyranny
So now its time to ride on our own it dun been that way for some years you see
We don’t fuck wit y’all

You know we gon burn this muthafucka down [Cassius G 8x]

In Us We Trust [Chant x8]

[Verse: Nick Pratt]
Who you is? I ain’t neva seen you 'fo in my life
Where you been? Not down in tha trenches wit us we ridin
Naw we cant be friends, I ain’t feelin cordial these days
Lately I feel enraged and know part the nation feel the same thang
We ain’t tryna fight no mo but cant e'en go outside no mo
Without feelin like we got to matrix dodge
Catchin major shots right from y’all po-po
Taser right to tha throat hoe, bet not roll up on us solo
Darren Wilson need back up get ya ass jacked up fo sho
.40 Cal on my lap bro
Heard dem police was on tha loose in my neighborhood so I’m strapped hoe
Neva been no gangsta but I’m down to pull that trigger blat blat hoe
Put it right on yo ass
Sure gon hope you survive the blast cuz we gotta get ya back tit for tat
No racist pig don’t deserve to live but I don’t think a life worthless bitch
I know I could put two in you without murderin that’s for certain kid
But yo feelins is different,
When you look at me you might just see a nigga
Might just set me free squeezin that trigger
I can’t trust ya cant even fuxk witcha
So we gon burn it down

You know we gon burn this muthafucka down [Cassius G 8x]

In Us We Trust [Chant x8]

[Verse: Nick Pratt]
Black folk listen up, we gotta take responsibility
For tha way our kids comin up, holla back if you feelin me
Cuz you know tha world wanna have em, they outta line get to blastin
You don’t wanna whoop ya baby's ass well some officer will wit a passion
That’s a promise
Comin live from a nigga who got beat down back in college
And that’s college
So they'll clearly take our boys off tha block wit no problems
We some monsters
With no civil rights at least in this life so til we get it right
We gotta do tha best to protect our future from these pasty faceded ass parasites
Tryna kick it wit us like Wesley Snipes,
Til they figure how to suck us dry
And then fuxk us over like Wesley Pipes
Why you think we so sexualized?
Mayne all our issues got tha same roots
So while yo child growin up too fast just make sure they gettin these same truths
Livin in ignorance what slaves do
Let them history books save you, Sertima, Du Bois and Henry Gates
Said we once was boys but we men today
Once was destroyed but we mend the breaks
For heavens sake or for prisons sake we gon rip tha gates off and all march on
Fingers together we all are strong
Fists in the air while that fire glowin
We gon burn it down

You know we gon burn this muthafucka down [Cassius G 8x]

In Us We Trust [Chant x8]


from Manifest Destiny [Hard Copy], released July 19, 2016
Produced by Zaire
Mixed by Sir Veterano
Mastered by L Rox


all rights reserved



Nick Pratt Atlanta, Georgia

"I Know I Can Make Somethin Outta Nothin."

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